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Paradise Cove by millerm217, Flickr

I'm back with Part II: expert tips from members of my Fairmont Miramar family. I've had so much fun this past year sharing my insider tips with you that I thought I'd let some of my colleagues...

Flickr: Simon M

I've had so much fun this past year sharing my insider tips with you that I thought I'd let some of my colleagues get in on the action. Here's Part One of some expert tips from...

The Raines Law Room, a modern-day speakeasy.

During Prohibition, there were at least 20,000 speakeasies throughout the city. And the number may have soared as high as 100,000. Let's face it: Prohibition was probably the best thing to happen to the alcohol industry!

One of the survivors is the famous 21 Club, whose liquor vault was never discovered by the Prohibition police. Why? Because it stood behind a...


The hottest club to open in Santa Monica is The Bungalow, and I'm not just saying that because it's a stone's throw from my concierge desk! The Bungalow is a 1947 former hotel bungalow that's been converted into...

Brasserie Pushkin

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

And by that I mean the spate of new, fabulous Russian restaurants that have been opening in New York. All of them share a penchant for...

Shot and edited by Ramon Campos

Tucked in a back corridor off Grand Central's main hall, The Campbell Apartment is one of the station's most alluring secrets...

Shot and edited by Ramon Campos

If going to the library is not your idea of a great night out, I'm about to change your mind. La Biblioteca de Tequila is a sexy subterranean bar with one of the city's largest collections of tequila and mezcal...

Shot and edited by Ramon Campos

In a city where smoking is banned practically everywhere, Club Macanudo feels deeply illicit...

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A car on display at the Petersen Auto Museum.

There are few things that make American dads happier than cars, baseball and burgers. I’ve incorporated all three in my list of ideas for Father’s Day — though, of course, your dad would probably appreciate these outings...

Shot by Zao Wang. Edited by Ramon Campos.

When's the last time you walked into a ceviche bar and experienced truffle butter popcorn, blowtorched sweet potato brulee, and a homemade gravity bong (strictly for smoking oysters)?