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Jose Lopez

By Jose Lopez of Palace Hotel, San Francisco
February 27, 2012 | San Francisco, USA
Darioush Winery, inspired by Persepolis. Photo by jimg944, Flickr.

From San Francisco where is the best vineyard to visit and are there shuttles?

— aoifefreeman

Peter Strandquist

By Peter Strandquist of Elysian
February 6, 2012 | Chicago

I'll be in Chicago for the weekend. I've heard Second City has the best comedy in town. Are there others comedy clubs I should know about?

— jstiles


Can you suggest a cool shopping experience in San Francisco that's a bit more adventurous than the Main Street vibe of Union Square?

— crosstowngirl 

Kayla Smith

By Kayla Smith of Park Hyatt, Washington DC
November 11, 2011 | Washington DC

I'm heading to Washington DC and I've got kids under 10 in tow. Where can I take them that they'll love but won't make my brain go numb?

— maryjo7 

La Masseria in midtown Manhattan.

What is the best restaurant to go to in New York City before the theater?

— lmnjaa 

Marcos Viñes

By Marcos Viñes of The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach
October 17, 2011 | Miami, USA

I am 45 years old and love to dance. What club would you recommend in which I would not feel like someone’s mom in South Beach?

— nmosch

Santheo, Flickr

I’m hosting a sleepover for 10 10-year-olds: On Saturday we’re doing a SciFi movie in the backyard with smores. On Sunday we’re going to Maker Faire and Smitten Ice Cream. My question is where do we do breakfast on Sunday morning?

mschott | San Rafael, CA

Mynt Lounge

What clubs would you recommend in Miami? 



— mperry25 | Los Angeles, CA

The Lunch Belle
Socca served at Nizza

I'm coming to New York and need recommendations for restaurants with gluten-free menus. Can you help?

mcaliese | Silver Spring, MD

Stuck in Customs, Flickr

Where can I go Latin dancing in Miami with killer music and a crowd that's more local than Mango's (in other words, not a tourist trap)?

alarson15 | Philadelphia, PA