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Shot and edited by Ramon Campos

If going to the library is not your idea of a great night out, I'm about to change your mind. La Biblioteca de Tequila is a sexy subterranean bar with one of the city's largest collections of tequila and mezcal...

Shot and edited by Ramon Campos

Just imagine if you could go back in time to the old-style movie theaters with just one screen, velvet curtains and a strict policy of never, ever showing any pre-show advertisements...

Shinya, Flickr

Spending a day out on the water doesn’t necessarily mean renting a yacht to cruise the Hudson. All you have to do is head to the Frying Pan...

Photo: r3m3dy, Flickr
Finn McCool's in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica may feel as far from Ireland as the moon to the Earth, but then you’d be surprised — if you let a local be your guide, you might discover a lot more of Ireland in our corner of California than you thought...

Outdoor dining at Uva.

It’s 11:30pm and you’re famished. You’re out with your lightweight friends who don’t eat more than a nibble of a salad. You realize you’re heading toward a crisis situation when, between all the gossip and giggles, you catch yourself eyeing the tapas plate and counting how many each person ate. You need more… a lot more! So here’s what you do when the clock strikes midnight...

Peter Strandquist

By Peter Strandquist of Elysian
February 6, 2012 | Chicago

I'll be in Chicago for the weekend. I've heard Second City has the best comedy in town. Are there others comedy clubs I should know about?

— jstiles


Any Scot will tell you that the biggest party in the Scottish calendar is not St. Andrew's Day but Robert Burns Night, celebrated every January 25. This year, you can raise a wee dram to the poet, and enjoy a sumptuous Burns supper...

Directed and shot by: Thiago Da Costa. Edited by: Thiago Da Costa, Katie Ennis, Zack Wolder

When you think of Miami nightlife, do you immediately think of thumping dance clubs? If you do, then my latest video will give you a whole new perspective...


In Santa Monica, there's one thing that signals winter is upon us, even if the weather doesn't. It's ICE...

Marcos Viñes

By Marcos Viñes of The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach
October 17, 2011 | Miami, USA

I am 45 years old and love to dance. What club would you recommend in which I would not feel like someone’s mom in South Beach?

— nmosch