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For my two home-schooled children, all of New York was their classroom — but especially the Museum of Natural History. So much more than a museum to visit for just an afternoon, it’s a place of...

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When you think of New York’s best museums, you think of MOMA, the Guggenheim and the MET, don’t you? Well, there’s a little gem north of all of those that’s worth discovering, if you...


One thing you don't think when you're out and about in Miami: Huh, this city reminds me of Europe. Latin America, the Caribbean, yes — with our palm trees and sub-tropical vibe. However, along the shores of Coconut Grove, there is a place that...

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He wanted tarantulas. Meaty, hairy, fist-sized tarantulas. He wanted a lot of them too.


I have fielded many unusual guest requests during my career, but this was certainly one of the more perplexing. A particular gourmand, the guest wanted a fresh batch of tarantulas for roasting a la Fear Factor...

Directed and shot by: Thiago Da Costa. Edited by: Thiago Da Costa, Katie Ennis, Zack Wolder

We’re spoiled with art on the Upper East Side. But I find far fewer people venture beyond Museum Mile to the treasures that lay east of Fifth Avenue...


People come to LA often hoping for a brush with celebrity. But few know there’s a place in Santa Monica where you can not only meet Hollywood stars, you can also hear them talk about their work...

Directed and shot by: Thiago Da Costa. Edited by: Thiago Da Costa, Justin Schultz.
Inside the Fortune Cookie Factory

Ross Alley, in San Francisco's Chinatown, was once home to mostly gamblers and prostitutes. Today, it's where fortune cookies are still made the old-fashioned way...

Kayla Smith

By Kayla Smith of Park Hyatt, Washington DC
November 11, 2011 | Washington DC

I'm heading to Washington DC and I've got kids under 10 in tow. Where can I take them that they'll love but won't make my brain go numb?

— maryjo7 

Directed and shot by: Thiago Da Costa. Edited by: Thiago Da Costa, Katie Ennis, Zack Wolder

When most people think of Museum Mile, they immediately feel the gravitational pull of the Met. However, for guests who don't want to spend an entire day at a museum, my tip is to send them straight to 90th Street and Fifth Avenue. This intersection is the perfect nexus for some of the best uptown highlights...


With the disappearance of the Fulton Fish Market in 2005, the recent rise of luxury condos, and the relentless greening of the waterfront, South Street Seaport has outgrown its old touristy self and evolved into one of downtown Manhattan’s most vibrant neighborhoods...