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Shot by: Thiago Da Costa. Edited by: Melissa Friedling.

It's hard not to catch salsa fever when you come to Miami — you hear the music everywhere...

Flickr: Simon M

I've had so much fun this past year sharing my insider tips with you that I thought I'd let some of my colleagues get in on the action. Here's Part One of some expert tips from...

Marcos Viñes

By Marcos Viñes of The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach
October 17, 2011 | Miami, USA

I am 45 years old and love to dance. What club would you recommend in which I would not feel like someone’s mom in South Beach?

— nmosch

Flydime, Flickr

Miami may be the city of salsa, but it’s not the only Latin dance that brings us to our feet. At Tapas y Tintos, one of my favorite night spots, you can get a taste of tango...

Scott Wall

There’s an enchanting little forest in San Francisco’s Sunset District, and it’s home to Stern Grove Festival, the nation’s oldest, free arts festival, operating since 1938... 

Miami Light Project

By now you all know that Wynwood and the Design District have become ground-zero for Miami’s visual arts scene. But what about performance art?

Yes, there’s that, too! And often the best place to see it is Miami Light Project...

WallyG, Flickr

There’s no place in New York quite like Bryant Park — the only broad swath of green interrupting the skyscraper canyon of midtown. But it’s so much more than just a park. These days it’s one of the city’s liveliest outdoor hubs of social life and the arts...

Mynt Lounge

What clubs would you recommend in Miami? 



— mperry25 | Los Angeles, CA

Stuck in Customs, Flickr

Where can I go Latin dancing in Miami with killer music and a crowd that's more local than Mango's (in other words, not a tourist trap)?

alarson15 | Philadelphia, PA