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I’m hosting a sleepover for 10 10-year-olds: On Saturday we’re doing a SciFi movie in the backyard with smores. On Sunday we’re going to Maker Faire and Smitten Ice Cream. My question is where do we do breakfast on Sunday morning?

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My job is to scour the neighborhood for the best experiences I can recommend to my guests (and you!). But sometimes what they're looking for is right under the hotel's own roof — or on top...

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Guests often ask me where the locals like to chill out and meet for a drink. Well, you’ll find many of our local beer connoisseurs at the Library Alehouse, which has one of the most impressive beer selections around...


Spring is full of excuses to go for brunch: Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day and Father's Day — who’s with me?

Here are my top recommendations for a leisurely Sunday brunch...

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The word tapa has firmly taken root in our collective vocabulary, but the Spaniards aren’t the only ones with a long history of making a meal out of tasty little dishes. You’ll find the same concept — called meze — in most eastern Mediterranean cuisines...

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There’s a favorite tapa of mine that I’ve only eaten in Spain: pimientos de padrón, which are small green peppers, served well salted and slightly charred. They’re considered a gastronomic game of Russian roulette...

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Kors re-makes, Italian double-takes and vegan shakes! There’s been plenty of action lately on the Upper East Side, and I want to bring you all up to speed in one fell swoop...

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In Hell’s Kitchen, where so many new things have been brewing lately, the drink of choice is unequivocally wine. How do I know? The neighborhood has become...


Brooklyn Bowl is many things: a music venue, a nightclub, a restaurant, and the first LEED-certified bowling alley in the city. It's also a brilliant night out...


March 20 is the Los Angeles Marathon, and the finish line is right on the hotel’s doorstep. Running from Dodger Stadium to the Pacific Ocean, the marathoners will tear down Ocean Avenue on their homestretch while...