Antonio Barrios

San Francisco
Antonio Barrios

San Francisco must-do: Cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Start at Crissy Field in the Presidio — it's one of the great urban parks of California — and you're right there at the bottom of the bridge. It's breathtaking.

Off-duty escape: I go to Fort Funston. It's this huge stretch of beach right at the west end of the city. I take my dogs there for a walk, but lots of people go there to horseback ride and hang glide. It's especially lovely at sunset.

If you could change one thing here: The summertime weather. That's when the fog and chilly creep in. If we had the climate southern California had, this city's population would quadruple.

Best time to visit: In May, when the street fairs are starting up. The weather is perfect then, and we have so many different types of fairs, each with its own character, and some of them very risqué!

Only in San Francisco: You can be who you want to be here. That's the reason why we're always getting into trouble!

Urban myth: You'd be wrong if you thought San Francisco is a big place. From one end of the city to the other it's seven miles. It's just got so much going on. There are so many incredible neighborhoods: We've got three Chinatowns, the Latin flavor of the Mission, Italian in North Beach, and of course, the Castro, which is our gay mecca.

Last meal before you die: La Ciccia. It's a little gem of a Sardinian restaurant in Noe Valley. Very different from regular Italian cuisine. The menu changes daily, the food is very fresh, lots of seafood. Every quarter they have a farmer's-day table with a set menu and a suckling pig. It's delicious.

Still dying to: Windsurf in the bay. I see windsurfers all the time, but it's so bloody cold out there and they're all in wet suits, and then I think about all those great whites. I've just got to do it one of these days. It's the one thing I need to conquer in San Francisco.