Sheri Winters

Santa Monica
Sheri Winters

Title: Concierge, Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

Born and bred: I was born in New York but moved to California when I was two and grew up in Orange County, so I’m very much a California girl.

Could be confused for: Katie Couric

On your iPod right now: Foo Fighters, Dropkick Murphys, The Black Keys — mostly fast-paced music I use for my workouts.

Secret talent: I can deadlift twice my bodyweight.

Can’t live without: My energetic yellow Labrador, Teddy. He loves going hiking — he’s two-years-old and 95 pounds, and basically walks me down the trails!

Private passion: I might dress like a fashionista, but I love weight-lifting — I do it five times a week. I started lifting weights to strengthen my tennis game after an injury, but discovered I liked the lifting even more than the tennis!

How you got into this racket: I came to Los Angeles for a great job in the finance industry as a pension fund analyst. After a while, I realized I really loved the client relationship aspect of the job and wanted to break out of the cubicle to work more one-on-one with people. Being a concierge was the perfect fit.

Best ever advice: So long as a guest’s request is not illegal or immoral, we will do it. Guaranteed.

Favorite A-list guest: Olivia Newton John is so thoughtful and charming. Not to mention she looks amazing — absolutely beautiful! After she stops by the concierge desk, I can’t help myself from doing a mini-version of Let’s Get Physical.

Most magical moment: I helped a guest surprise his wife with an outrageous night on the town for their anniversary. From flower petals and champagne in the bedroom to a private candlelit dinner on the beach in Malibu, it brought tears to my eyes. I topped off their night with a sunrise helicopter ride over the city.

What you do when you first get to work: Find out what new discoveries my coworkers are currently obsessed with.

Couldn’t do your job without: Google.

What makes a good concierge: An adventurer.

Most common misconception: That a concierge is unapproachable. Honest, we’re not snobs!

If you weren’t loving the concierge life: I’d be a Hollywood tour guide! I love Los Angeles’s silver-screen history.

If you could be anywhere: I’d be on the beach in Cancun, enjoying a margarita and reading a steamy Sandra Brown novel.