Michael Andrade

Santa Monica
Michael Andrade

Title: Concierge, Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

Born and bred
: My parents are both Mexican, and my mom’s family hails from Spain. But I’m a native Los Angeleno.

Lingua franca: English and, naturally, Spanish.

Could be confused for: I’ve heard Errol Flynn. Well, maybe with a few more pounds on him.

On your iPod right now: Dido, Abba, 80’s pop.

Secret talent: Shopping! I have a thing for colorful sneakers: I have 72 pairs — and that’s after I gave some away. Pumas are my absolute favorite.

Can’t live without: My iPhone. Texting, email, Facebook — I admit it, I’m addicted!

How you got into this racket: I put myself through school working in hospitality. Then an opportunity came up at a concierge desk in downtown LA, and I was hired on the spot. They gave me a crash course in eight hours. Those were the days of Rolodexes!

Best non-monetary tip: A couple asked me to book them a great organic restaurant. They were so impressed with their meal, they thanked me with a beautiful bottle of Chilean wine — organic, of course.

Favorite A-list guest: Raoul Bova — he’s the Brad Pitt of Italy — was staying at the hotel during the premier of Under the Tuscan Sun. His family couldn’t make the premier so he invited me. He said: “Michael, you’re my family here.”

Most magical moment: It was the eve of the Academy Awards. All the hot restaurants were booked and swarming with celebrities. But I still managed to get a family of six into Spago at eight o’ clock. They came back elated — they’d never been close to so many celebrities before.

What you do when you first get to work: Turn on the computers. No more Rolodexes!

What makes a good concierge: Don’t act like you know everything if you don’t. People appreciate honesty and hard work.

If you weren't loving the concierge life: I’d be working in fashion.

Home away from home: Oahu, Hawaii. I go there every year. What I’d do to be there right now, hanging out at the beach with a frozen Mai Tai!