Raphael Pallais

New York
Raphael Pallais

New York must-do: Hit a Broadway show.

Off-duty escape: A walk alongside the Hudson River — it is a relaxation of the body and the mind. I have done it often and made all sorts of discoveries: for instance, did you know that there are sculpted pylons, hand-painted and still protruding from the water like alien totemic river creatures designed by some primitive tribe?

Best time to visit: Fall — for the weather, the foliage, and the start of the Opera season.

Favorite New Yorker: Jimmy Breslin. The man is a classic New York legend: both cantankerous and noble; a pain in the derriere and an advocate of the downtrodden; an opportunist and a first-rate newsman.

Only in New York: This is the only place in the world where you will never run out of new places to try pizza.

If you could change one thing: The way New York handles its garbage — it is inefficient and often unsightly.

Urban myth: That New York is made up of tough, unkind people.

One last meal before you die: La Grenouille. Inside, it’s an explosion of gorgeous flowers, and on your plate, it’s an explosion of classical French food.

Still dying to… See my name on the marquee of a Broadway theater, next to the name of the musical I wrote.