Laura Cooper Brown

New York
Laura Cooper Brown

Title: Director of Guest Relations, The Bowery Hotel

Born & Bred:
My mother is a New Yorker, my father a Londoner. I grew up in Primrose Hill and then, later, Notting Hill. I’m drawn to hills apparently! I loved both neighborhoods because they feel like little villages, removed from the hustle and bustle of busy London.

Why New York City? Growing up, I spent a lot of time visiting my mother’s family in New York. After I finished law school in London, I lived here for a few months and fell in love with the city after a Sunday night at Sway Lounge in SoHo — it’s a Moroccan inspired bar and Sundays are dedicated to all things inspired by The Smiths. It's an Anglophilic affair but with its own New York twist.

Lingua franca: English and something approximating pidgin German.

What's that accent?: I don't think you'd confuse me for being anything other than British — though shamefully I’ve recently been accused of pronouncing my T's like D's.

Could be confused for: Popeye’s Olive Oil.

What's on your iPod right now: Bizarrely enough, Dion’s Runaround Sue is the most listened-to track on my iPod. But I have my old favorites: Alberta Cross, Joe Meek, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Interpol... 

Secret talent: Hula hooping, if that is considered a talent?! I can hula hoop for hours.

Private passions: I'm an old-fashioned gal at heart, and I love cooking at home — which in New York is a challenge in itself. But I just moved into a new apartment that has a proper kitchen with counter space! I also enjoy techy stuff and DIY — I've been in heaven decorating and putting everything up in the apartment.

How you got into this racket: In London I worked as a music lawyer representing artists, but I found I was more interested in discovering and marketing musicians than pouring through contracts. I moved to New York and started doing launch parties with bands at hotel venues. At the same time, I’ve always loved traveling and the whole hotel experience (I have a serious case of Eloise envy!). I'd stayed at The Bowery Hotel right when it opened in 2007 and loved it — the lobby bar felt like an English stately home. I'm so happy I was able to join the fold.

Best ever advice: Best or oddest: "Don’t be the turkey that waited ’til Christmas to see what would happen." That was how my dad encouraged me to take a jump by leaving London and moving to New York!

What you do when you first get to work: Drink my Liquiteria “Green Monster” smoothie. And go through the day’s hotel guest arrivals.

Couldn't do your job without: My Blackberry. I know, I know.

If you weren't loving the hotel life: I’d be an intimidating music lawyer. 

Can't travel without: Doing a little research. And my favorite stripy top.

Home away from home: Woodstock, New York. My friend has a lovely little cabin there on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the Hudson Valley. The scenery is breathtaking and the restaurants are really good. The music culture is ingrained in absolutely everything; there's always a great show playing somewhere.

Dream vacation: I’m still dreaming of my recent trip to the Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica. My boyfriend and I had a little hut with its own private terrace from which we could jump right into the sea.