Club Macanudo: A Smokin' Hot Cigar Lounge in NYC

By Raphael Pallais of The Plaza
June 6, 2012 | New York, United States
Club Macanudo: A Smokin' Hot Cigar Lounge in NYC
Shot and edited by Ramon Campos

In a city where smoking is banned practically everywhere, Club Macanudo feels deeply illicit. 

One of the last remaining places where smoking is still allowed (it was grandfathered in), this dedicated cigar lounge retains an atmosphere of old-school civility: it's a place where people still dress up for lunch, and where smoking a cigar is to be savored like a fine wine. 

The atmosphere is pure Madison Avenue with walls of private humidors (many labeled with famous names), and rich wooden detailing. The manager, Mauricio Cordoba, is a much beloved character, and takes the time to know all his guests by name. 

The best part, though, is that non-smokers won't have to hold their breath — a special ventilation system keeps the air astonishingly clear. Enjoy a cognac, or order Club Macanudo's signature dessert — a fried chocolate truffle as addictive as tobacco.

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