Paris's Ultimate Macaron: Laduree Lands in New York

By Michael Bordenick of The Surrey
September 21, 2011 | New York, United States
Paris's Ultimate Macaron: Laduree Lands in New York

I am going to have to make money — much more money — to afford a new indulgence: the absolutely sublime macarons at the new Laduree!

For many macaron fans, Laduree’s teeny almond-meringue confections are the best in the world. What began as a bakery in Paris in 1862 has blossomed into a world empire with Laduree shops from England to Italy, Lebanon to Japan — and now, finally, the US by way of New York! Aren’t we lucky?

The new maison has all the opulence befitting the neighborhood. The pistachio and cream-colored walls mimic the pastel-colored macarons themselves. With flavors like caramel, praline, orange blossom, or my favorite, coffee, Laduree’s marvelous macarons have kept the crowds steadily streaming in. Brave the line and pay $20 for just six little gems (you’ll pay extra, though, for an elegantly designed box to put them in).

Laduree is my new go-to for special gift shopping — even beyond the macarons. They also sell beautifully packaged jams, teas, scented candles and other French confections.