St. Malachy's: The Actors' Chapel

By Raphael Pallais of The Plaza
December 18, 2012 | New York, United States
St. Malachy's: The Actors' Chapel
Shot and edited by Melissa Friedling

Right in the heart of New York's Theater District is a church unlike any other. In fact, if you want to brush shoulders with a Broadway star, you're likely to spot one at St. Malachy'saka "the Actors' Chapel."

Featured in this video: St. Malachy's Roman Catholic Church; St. Malachy's Way; West 49th Street; Midtown Manhattan; Broadway; Theater District; the Actors' Shrine; Artist Shrine; Mark Pacoe; Joan Crawford; Douglas Fairbanks Jr; Spencer Tracy; Florence Henderson; Antonio Banderas; Saint Genesius; Saint Cecilia; Saint Vitus; late night service.