Hand-pulling Noodles at Hung Ry

By Laura Cooper Brown of The Bowery Hotel
July 25, 2011 | New York, United States
Hand-pulling Noodles at Hung Ry
Shot by Zao Wang. Edited by Xiao Li Tan and Zao Wang

There are few restaurants in Manhattan where an open kitchen provides better theater than at Hung Ry. Here, you can watch master chefs pull, stretch and twist handmade noodles until they're as long as jump ropes.

Fortunately, the food is as fantastic as the action. I love that Hung Ry's approach is rooted in what's fresh and seasonal. The noodles themselves are organic (you can also request that they be gluten-free).

Check out my latest video and you'll see just how gorgeous this food really is.

Featured in this video: Hung Ry; Bond Street; NoHo; Bowery; hand-pulled organic noodles.