Best East Village Caffeine Fix: Abraco Espresso

By Laura Cooper Brown of The Bowery Hotel
January 11, 2013 | New York, United States
Best East Village Caffeine Fix: Abraco Espresso

The East Village has plenty of hole-in-the-wall establishments, though few are quite so tiny as Abraco Espresso. This postage stamp-sized coffee bar barely affords a place to stand and raise a macchiato, never mind sit and drink one.

Yet despite Abraco’s modest size, its location becomes somewhat obvious as you walk down East 7th Street — there is always a line of customers waiting outside.

The main draw is the coffee, made from Counter Culture beans. Owner Jamie McCormick, who was in San Francisco before moving back to New York, did some serious coffee schooling out there at micro-roasters Blue Bottle Coffee. You'll often see him chatting away with the regulars while using a La Marzocco espresso machine. Personally, I love their iced-coffee, which is made using a machine that cuts out a lot of the coffee's natural acidity. 

East 7th Street has become quite the foodie Mecca these days — at least when it comes to small, specialist eateries like Caracas Arepa Bar, Luke's Lobster and Porchetta, all located on the same block. Most days I’ll grab a bite from one of those spots, then pop into Abraco and wander back to the hotel with my coffee in hand.

Abraco’s talents extend beyond coffee-making – I love their famed olive oil cake and they also have pastries and savory plates which change daily. To avoid disappointment, remember that Abraco is closed on Mondays and only open until 4 pm Tuesday to Sunday.