What is GloboMaestro?

GloboMaestro is the web's first collection of true local travel experts. 

By experts, we mean top hotel concierges whose lives are dedicated to knowing their cities inside and out. We call them "Maestros" because their passion is to orchestrate amazing travel experiences. 

Now, for the first time, they're stepping out from behind their concierge desks to bring their local know-how directly to you.

So get to know your Maestros: Read their insider tips. Watch their videos. Ask them questions. They're good like that.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. So what can I do on GloboMaestro?

Discover your destination — even your own city:

- Get the Latest Scoop: read our Maestros' personal blogs to get their insider tips.
- Go to Videos to see where our Maestros like to send guests.
- Check out our seriously slick Interactive Guides (under Destinations).

Get to Know Your Experts:

- Meet our Maestros: Browse by destination or name, and check out their very personal profiles.
- Show some love: High-Five your Maestro for every great blog post.

Join the Conversation:

- Ask a Concierge: If you don't find the right advice, just ask! Click "Ask a Concierge" on the homepage or Latest Scoop to submit your question. Or tweet @GloboMaestro.
- Have your say: Comment on our Maestros' recommendations (or share your own) at the end of each blog post.
- Sign up: to have your say you have to create an account (click Join Now). It's totally free, and takes 30 seconds to do. Any longer and you get your money back!

2. Hang on, you don't have my destination listed!
We're getting there!  We'll soon be rolling out more Maestros in more destinations around the world. Meantime, if you've got a city you're busting to see on GloboMaestro (or even a concierge for that matter) drop us an email — we'd love to hear from you.

3. What are the criteria for being a Maestro?
All our Maestros are hotel professionals with dynamic personalities, and are super plugged-in to their cities. They must be natural communicators with a passion that translates through word and video. However, the decision to join GloboMaestro ultimately falls to the hotel that's been invited to participate. After all, someone has to pay the production bill — those videos aren't shot with an iPhone!

4. So are your Maestros going to be blogging about their hotels?
For the most part, no. Only if there's something exciting going on in the hotel that ties in to the destination. Or, if there's something worth shouting from the rooftops, like a multi-million dollar makeover, or if a hotel is new and an introduction may be needed. Our Maestros' main focus, however, is what's going on outside the hotel in their cities and neighborhoods.

5. How does "Ask a Concierge" work?
Concierges are treasure troves of travel information — so you can ask our experts anything about anywhere. Once you submit your question, we direct it to the relevant Maestro. If we don't have a Maestro in the destination you're curious about, don't worry: we'll call in a guest Maestro (our concierge network is one, big happy family).

6. So is GloboMaestro a concierge service?
No. We can't hook you up with Broadway tickets and reservations at Nobu. You should think of our Maestros as you would a friend who just happens to have some pretty cool insider city connections — and who can steer you to the right experiences.

7. Can I get GloboMaestro on the go?
Glad you asked! Just click the smartphone icon in the footer to launch our fully customized mobile site.

8. One of your Maestros just blogged about a place that sucks!
Oh, yes? Then tell us about it. We want to hear your take on what makes these destinations great —  especially when you don't agree with a Maestro's pick, or feel s/he's omitted your favorite place. Just be nice, and we'll all get along just fine. (For the full legal mumbo jumbo, consult our Terms of Use.)

9. Concierges have a lot of crazy guest stories, right? Will you be dishing the dirt?
The concierges who prefer to keep their jobs tend not to kiss and tell. But we've still got plenty of juicy stories to share: Our Maestros will be blogging about their own experiences. Regular features like Concierge Confidential will pull back the curtain on the extraordinary lengths concierges go to satisfy their guests, as well as the special moments that can occur in such a unique profession.

10. Do your Maestros get a little something-something for the places they feature?
No. Our Maestros get nothing-nothing "in return" for the coverage: it goes against the service ethos that guides any great concierge. While it's impossible for us to police every recommendation, we do everything possible to ensure that our coverage is based solely on the best destination experiences out there.

11. I noticed there's a "Book It" link for each Maestro's hotel. Does GloboMaestro get a cut if I make a reservation?
No. Not a nickel. GloboMaestro is not a third-party booking agent. We don't take any commission whatsoever on any room sales that come as a result of our "Book It" links. Those links are simply a courtesy to our partners and for the convenience of our users. Because, we think, if you dig a Maestro's expertise, you just might want to have full access to their magic when you're staying in their city.

12. I'm a concierge. How can I be a part of GloboMaestro?
Let's have a chat first! Drop us an email.

13. I'm a hotelier or public relations agency representing a hotel. How can my concierges be a part of GloboMaestro?
Check out our Partnerships page and then let's have a chat...